Favorite Room

Topics: Drawer, Oval, Desk Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: July 31, 2012
My Favorite room in my house is my bedroom. A four by four secluded chamber my room is one of four bedrooms located in the very far corner of my house. One must stroll through a long winding spiral hallway to reach the entrance of my room. He or she will automatically be greeted by a sleeping seven foot eggshell door. The door communicates via a cylindrical brass knob. To say hello one must turn the knob counter-clock wise. The door’s cooperation depends solely on his mood. If one annoys the door he will let out an unbearable screeching whimper of pain. Treat the door with respect, he will let you in with ease but beware of the mystery that lies ahead. The door opens and the faint hissing of electrical static that sounds like a bee hive strikes the ear. A hollow tubular glossy oyster colored hamper that resembles a gushing geyser overflowing with clothing, stands behind the door. To venture deeper in the room one must play hopscotch over mountains of wrinkled clothing smelling of mild due, and crawl through tangled cobwebs of computer wire. If one is successful and does not get stuck in the cobwebs. He or she will come to a halt at a golden mahogany arch that completes the edge of my bed, a flat oval shaped desk stands behind, and to the left of my bed one will see a rocky avalanche of clothing trying to escape my hollow closet.

A golden mahogany colored twin sized bedframe lies in front of a flat oval shaped desk. Tucked away under my bedframe are four clustered drawers that protrude outwards towards my closet. I use the drawers to store my socks, boxers, shorts, and jeans. A perfect fitted almond color mattress dressed in light azure sheets, which feels like a puffy cloud; lies in the middle of my bedframe. An outstretched baggy nutmeg colored comforter cuddles three royal navy pillows, which kiss the golden mahogany arched backrest of my bedframe. Parallel to the right side of the backrest stands a sturdy cramped golden mahogany nightstand...
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