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The POA-8300 is a 3-channel power amp while the POA-8200 is a 2-channel version. When a subwoofer with a built in amp is used, the POA-8300 and POA-8200 together form a 5-channel power amp. However, if a subwoofer without a built-in amp is used, two POA-8300 amps can be combined to forma a 6-channel amp. In either configuration, a 5.1-channel system can be assembled to reproduce the dynamic ambiance of Dolby's hair-raising new AC-3 surround sound. Independent power transformers have been incorporated for each amp in order to reproduce the solid bass foundations of the tremendous dynamics of THX sound. The high-regulation power supplies of the POA-8200 ensure powerful speaker drive capabilities. The use of a FET for difference input of one package type with superior direct current (DC) temperature characteristics and the ability to find-adjust each channel individually have realized a high precision of 1mV or less (standard value) in the output DC voltage of the POA-8300. This high-precision voltage is approximately on tenth that of the conventional models and is the main reason these models are able to reproduce low-level signals with such exceptional fidelity. All components of the POA-8300's electric circuitry, including the power transformer and even the power radiator, have been completely separated so that each channel has its own individual circuits. -------------------------------------------------

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Denon POA 8300 - amplifier specifications
* General
* Product Type Amplifier
* Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight Amplifier : 17.1 in x 13.9 in x 5.3 in / 35.3 lbs * Width 17.1 in
* Depth 13.9 in
* Height 5.3 in
* Weight 35.3 lbs
* Enclosure Material Metal , Aluminum
* Available Body Colors black, gold
* Localization English
* Audio System
* THX certified Yes
* Response Bandwidth 1 - 100000 Hz
* Signal-To-Noise Ratio...
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