Favorite Pastime

Topics: Sprint Cup Series, Michigan International Speedway, Jimmie Johnson Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: September 24, 2012
I really don’t think I have a favorite; I think I have a few of favorite pastimes. My favorite pastimes are NASCAR, baseball, and football for sports. Others would be watching television or movies, and probably sleep. I think my favorite pastime of them all would be NASCAR. I started watching NASCAR when I was really little. I always was sitting in front of the television every Sunday. For the past five years we have been going to Michigan International Speedway for the whole weekend when the Sprint Cup Series is there in June and August. It is so fun going down to MIS for the weekend; we are in a group that goes down there and watch’s the race. All the people who go to the race are that weekend are so nice and considerate. I think that NASCAR race’s is where who will meet the crazies’ and nicest people in the world. The Saturday before the Sprint Cup race there is a big party in our camping section. In all my years that I can remember I have never missed watching a Sprint Cup race. Also if I know that I’m not going to be near a television, I set up the tape recorder to tape the race. A close second to my favorite pastime would be watching television or movies. This is what I do all the time when I’m not at work, helping the family, or going to school. I will sit in front of the television for hours on end just watching anything that I think is funny, action, adventure, or comedy. But none of the many favorite pastimes mount up to NASCAR. NASCAR will always be my favorite pastime.
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