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Topics: Golf, Minimum wage, Need Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: April 20, 2009
Descriptive Speech Favorite Job: Cart Boy Introduction When you are in school and need to put gas in your car, you need some form of income. While we would all like to mooch off our parents because it’s pretty much like free money; we can’t always do that. My first and most favorite job I have ever had was being a cart boy for a golf course or what we called it, “Director of outside operations.” In this speech, I’ll explain why being a cart boy was my favorite job. Being a cart boy was a great job because of how easy it was, the people I meet, and the awesome benefits. My name is __ and I choose this topic because I want to explain why being a cart boy was the best job I have ever had. I first got hired at the golf course the summer before my junior year. I just got my license and needed some form of income. A friend of mine already worked at the course and told me there was an opening and was an easy and fun job, so I took it. The things I had to do was when people get done golfing, take the cart behind the club house, empty the trash out, clean them off and make sure there was gas in the carts. At first I was slow at cleaning the carts but I got the hang of it. I would also have to make sure the bathrooms were clean (sweep and clean toilets), all the carts were in at close, and I would have to do a trash run to each hole to empty trash cans. Occasionally I would have to clean peoples clubs but they usually gave a tip so it was not too bad. I also had to set up tables and chairs in the cart building for tournaments and take them down afterwards. Overall that is all the work that is needed in being a cart boy. While working at the golf course I got to meet so many new people. I never realized how many people golfed and also drank. I got to meet people that I would not really ever associate with. While some people were pretty crazy some were cool. Every year there is a group of people that come in from South Carolina and golf a whole weekend. Those guys were...
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