Favorite Drink, Favorite Brand

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  • Published : February 13, 2009
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Everyone has certain brands of different products that they have some sort of loyalty towards. This is brand/product that a consumer buys over and over again or a certain one that they will only buy for reasons of knowing they will get the same features, quality, taste, and/or benefits each time (Armstrong & Kotler. 2007). For me, one of these is Country Time Lemonade. Country Time Lemonade is a powered drink mix produced by Kraft Foods (Kraft Foods. n.d.). For as long as I can remember it was the one brand of lemonade that was always in my parents house, and besides iced tea the popular drink in our household during the summer. It was a quick and simple drink to make. All that was needed was a pitcher, water and of course the drink mix. Kraft Foods first introduced Country Time Lemonade in 1975 (Horwitz, J. & Singley, P.). In a year from its introduction, Country Time Lemonade became a top selling drink powder through grocery stores and convenience stores. After becoming a top seller, in 1977 the Country Time Lemonade introduced yet another addition to its line: pink lemonade (Kraft). For many years these were the only two products to the line of Country Time Lemonade. But as more companies were coming out with more instant drinks, the line of Country Time expanded once again. In 1990 the powdered iced tea mix was introduced and added (Kraft). This allowed for Country Time to appeal to more consumers, specifically the avid iced tea drinkers, and in turn increase their customer base. Society started to gain more an environmental view of things in the nineties. And once again that encouraged another change for Country Time, this time one in modifying their product. This was simply done with a new packaging style (Armstrong & Kotler). The once ever popular and original canister, made of composite paperboard was replaced with a new recyclable plastic container that had a finger grip molding at the waist for easier opening and grip (Kraft). With...
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