Faustus Essay

Topics: Question, Seven deadly sins, Demon Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Faustus' Deadly Sin
In Doctor Faustus, Marlowe clearly shows how greed can completely corrupt and distort people’s principles in life and destroy their moral compass. Faustus sells his soul to Lucifer, so that he can enjoy all of life’s endeavors and luxuries. Faustus turns his back on God and starts to summon Mephistophilis for his every want or need. Faustus also wants to know the answer to every question he has, resulting in ultimate knowledge. In Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, Faustus exemplifies greed because he will perform any type of action to get what he desires.

Faustus is a master in theology, medicine, and law, yet he stills has an urging thirst for knowledge and power. "A world of profit and delight, Of power, of honour, of omnipotence" (1.1-2). In this scene Faustus is showing strong characteristics of being a greedy person and how he wants more knowledge and power. Resulting in the selling of his soul to Lucifer. Faustus has to sign a contact with his blood to seal the deal with Lucifer, but his blood congeals. This makes Faustus think about God and if this is a sign not to sell his soul to Lucifer, but Faustus' greed kicks in. He decides to sign the contract because he would rather have everything he wants right now in his lifetime, opposed to having everything he wants for eternity. Faustus doesn't want to wait, so he is greedy so he makes a very poor decision and sells his soul to Lucifer.

Faustus has now sold his soul to Lucifer and he can now have whatever he wants. Faustus' first request was for a wife, so all he had to do was ask Mephistophilis. "Sweet Mephistophilis, fetch me one, for I will have one" (1.19-20). Mephistophilis cannot get him a real wife, only a demon spirit that looks like a real woman. Faustus is very upset and starts to ask many questions about hell and what is it. Mephistophilis answers all of his questions, except when Faustus asks him who made the world because he cannot say the word God. Faustus is now getting...
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