Fault Analysis

Topics: Circuit breaker, Short circuit, Thévenin's theorem Pages: 3 (710 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Power System Fault Analysis

2.0 Introduction

The fault analysis of a power system is required in order to provide information for the selection of switchgear, setting of relays and stability of system operation. A power system is not static but changes during operation (switching on or off of generators and transmission lines) and during planning (addition of generators and transmission lines). Thus fault studies need to be routinely performed by utility engineers (such as in the TNB).

Faults usually occur in a power system due to either insulation failure, flashover, physical damage or human error. These faults, may either be three phase in nature involving all three phases in a symmetrical manner, or may be asymmetrical where usually only one or two phases may be involved. Faults may also be caused by either short-circuits to earth or between live conductors, or may be caused by broken conductors in one or more phases.

Sometimes simultaneous faults may occur involving both short-circuit and broken conductor faults (also known as open-circuit faults). Balanced three phase faults may be analysed using an equivalent single phase circuit. With asymmetrical three phase faults, the use of symmetrical components help to reduce the complexity of the calculations as transmission lines and components are by and large symmetrical, although the fault may be asymmetrical. Fault analysis is usually carried out in per-unit quantities (similar to percentage quantities) as they give solutions which are somewhat consistent over different voltage and power ratings, and operate on values of the order of unity. In the ensuing sections, we will derive expressions that may be used in computer simulations by the utility engineers.

Symmetrical Three Phase Fault Analysis

A three phase fault is a condition where either (a) all three phases of the system are short circuited to each other, or (b) all three phase of the system are earthed.


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