Fatty Acid and Triple Bonds

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  • Published : January 23, 2012
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1.The “building blocks” of polysaccharides are _______, and the blocks are covalently linked together by _______. A.| glycerol and fatty acids; glycosidic linkages|
B.| amino acids; triple bonds|
C.| monosaccharides; glycosidic linkages|
D.| disaccharides; triple bonds|
E.| oligosaccharides; glycosidic linkages|
Answer choice C
Which of the following statements about starch is false?
A.| Starch may be partially branched.|
B.| Starch is a polymer of glucose.|
C.| Starch is formed by the condensation of monomers.|
D.| The properties of starch are very similar to those of cellulose.| E.| Starch may be digested by people.|
Answer choice E
Which of the following characteristics distinguishes carbohydrates from other macromolecule types? A.| Carbohydrates are constructed of monomers that always have a ring structure.| B.| Carbohydrates never contain nitrogen.|

C.| Carbohydrates consist of a carbon bonded to hydrogen and a hydroxyl group.| D.| Carbohydrates contain glycerol.|
E.| None of the above|
Answer choice A
1.A five-carbon sugar is known as a
A.| glutamine.|
B.| glucose.|
C.| hexose.|
D.| pentose.|
E.| None of the above|
Answer choice D

Oils and fats
A.| form membranes.|
B.| are triglycerides.|
C.| all contain the same fatty acids.|
D.| are good for you in large amounts.|
E.| have glycosidic linkages.|
Answer choice B
Oils melt at a lower temperature than fats because
A.| oils and fats are not the same type of macromolecule.| B.| fats contain more saturated fatty acids than oils.|
C.| fats contain are unsaturated fatty acids than oils.|
D.| oils are made by plants.|
E.| fats are common in animals.|

Answer Choice C

Fatty acids are
A.| carboxylic acids with long hydrocarbon tails.|
B.| linked to glycerol in fats by hydrogen bonds.|
C.| always saturated.|
D.| large polymers of monosaccharides.|
E.| water...
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