Fatigue: Emotion and Crucial First Step

Topics: Emotion, Influenza, Fatigue Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: May 14, 2012
In the essay "Fatigue," Jane Brody explains what fatigue is and why many people are affected by it today. Fatigue is considered to be a very common complaint among people. The causes of fatigue today are very different from what they use to be. Unlike what many people think, fatigue is not commonly related to excessive physical exertion.

Brody discusses the three different types of fatigue. There is physical fatigue, pathological fatigue, and psychological fatigue. Physical fatigue is the overworking of one's muscles and can be cured easily by resting. Pathological fatigue is an alert of one's body of an unseen physical disorder. It can simply mean one has gotten the flu or even warning of something more serious, like diabetes or cancer. Pathological fatigue is a sign telling one to slow down and not continue pushing oneself until one has fully recover. If fatigue is continued, it is something that cannot be overlooked. Even though one may not have physical signs, it does not mean there is nothing wrong.

This leads into psychological fatigue. It is caused by emotional problems, the most common being depression and anxiety. Since psychological fatigue is caused emotionally, it can result in sleeping problems. These problems can be tossing and turning all night or even insomnia. Many people with psychological fatigue use it as a defense system to hide what is truly wrong with them. A great example Brody gives about psychological fatigue is the tired housewife syndrome. Most mothers who get this syndrome are young mothers who have the same routine day after day. They take care of the house, the children, and have nothing to look forward to. These mothers envy their husband's jobs. They are faced with the struggle of feeling guilty about being envious of their husband, but also still having the same boring routine that needs to be accomplished every day. Rather than see what is ahead to move forward, these mothers become fatigued because they do not know what...
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