Fatherhood 2.0

Topics: Men, Man, Family Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Jade Thalley

Fatherhood 2.0 TRACE
This article from the Time Magazine shows reasons and gives examples of why people think being a father makes men a lesser man. Time Magazine is one of the top magazine agencies in the world. This means that this article has meaningful information to it. The targeted readers are fathers who devote most of their time to their families. It is also directed to those who believe that just because father spend a large amount time with their family does not mean that they are losing their manliness or makes them any less of a man. The authors wants to show people that fathers are not losing their manliness, but they are simply focusing on raising the children the best way possible. There are two authors of this article, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen and Lev Grossman. Lisa is a New York-based staff writer for Time magazine. She was born and in Kobe, Japan. She now lives with daughter and husband in New Jersey. Lev is also worked for Time magazine. He wrote other articles such as Lingua France, the Village Voice, and Time Out New York. He won the Deadline Club Award for Arts Reporting in 2006. The authors don’t believe that being a better father means becoming a lesser man. They believe that the children are more important and the time is spent together are the most memorable and valuable moments. They believe that being a father means becoming a better man. The authors expect to open the eyes of the people who think being a better father makes them less manly. The authors want to show the positive side about being a better father than worrying about their manhood. Men are constantly being teased or made fun of because they rather spend time with their children than do other things that are considered manly.
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