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  • Published: October 18, 2013
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Times in life essay

“A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be, A father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be” (Frank Howard Clark). There are times in a young man’s life when he needs advice. When I needed that advice, I turned to my Dad. He always seems to know what to do in every situation, and because of that, I will go up to my Dad and ask him about anything. My Dad will attempt to do what he can for me to the best of his abilities. One of the ways he does this is by providing me with excellent life advice. Some of the best he gave is telling me that “Life ahead is too uncertain, so always follow your morals, and stay true to who you are even though outside forces are working against you. live life with a smile on your face.”

Every day has a new challenge; the outcome has to do how people face that challenge. There are times in my life that I really rely on the advice my dad gives me. Without it, I would not have the drive I have now. There was one time where I had no idea what to tell to the bully when he was being a butthead. I tried to ignore him, but it wasn’t working. So one day I go to my dad and say, “Dad there is a guy on my baseball team that is being a butthead and I don’t know how to explain to him, that he is being a butthead without being one in return.” My Dad turned to me and said, “Son there is no way around being a butthead in life so just tell him he is and move on.” That taught me to quit thinking about how not to offend someone because I will spend more time of trying to figure out how not too then I actually would by saying it. I am more able to be the person I want to be because I am strait forward with my friends.

This advice has helped me make important decision in life. For example, I was having a difficult time with baseball. I was getting teased and made fun of. This made me want to quit baseball all together. So, one day, I decided to tell the coach I just...
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