Father of Packet Switching

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Father of Packet SwitchingAlthough not much research exists on the creation and development of packet switching, it is for certain it has revolutionize the world of today. Technological advances are greatly increasing the many possibilities for business firms to conduct overseas activities. Who created such a machine that would catapult the world into more of an internet-based society than a social society, you may ask yourself? Many scientists and professors accounted for its development but there is only one professor that was able to send the first message via internet: Leonard Kleinrock! The following essay will touch upon the biography of his works/achievements, early, education, and awards received by such an ingenious man, who still lives among us. Early Childhood

Kleinrock’s childhood began on June 13, 1934. He was born in Manhattan, New York. At the age of six, Leonard found out he had a passion, which unknowingly would give him the well-deserved title “Father of Packet Switching Technology” (the same technology used by today’s internet to function). One night Mr. Kleinrock, at the age of 6, began reading a Superman comic where he found the necessary materials to create a crystal radio. All he needed was a used razor blade, piece of pencil lead, empty toilet paper roll, some wire, earphones, and a “variable capacitor,” which he had no idea what it was until he visited the local electronics where the owner explained its functions and gave it to him. Long story short, Leonard Kleinrock was able to build the crystal radio. Instantly he became hooked when “free” music sprouted from his earphones. Amazing don’t you think? A six year-old boy creating such an instrument—a genius engineer was born on that Manhattan apartment. Education/ Work Experience

As the years grew on him he attended many schools. As a young boy Leonard attended the prestigious Bronx High School of Science, where he polished his interest on Radio Engineering. He successfully graduated...
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