Father Brown vs. Brother Cadfael

Topics: Difference, Similarity, God Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Cadfael vs. Brown
Father Brown and Brother Cadfael were both men of the church who were put into situations where they needed to solve some sort of crime. Unmistakably the two had similarities in how they solve the crime. Who would have been better to solve a crime than a man of God? They had their differences in how they did their job as well. Most of all, they had the biggest difference, which is the dissimilarity in what they believed. They didn’t solve the same crime, but how they did it was similar in certain ways. Brother Cadfael and Father Brown were both crime-solving men, who had some similarities. They were both behind the scenes doing work, as they tried to find clues in there own way. Ultimately Brown was more observant with his listening, while Cadfael was more observant with his sight and his touch. They were very similar in some ways and both wanted to get the job done. The notably natural detectives both share the want to solve the crime. Although they have many similarities, they also have many differences. Cadfael and Brown undoubtedly had the want to solve the crime, but how they solve it is the difference. Naturally, the two “detectives” have a lot of differences ranging from a variety of things. Cadfael had to touch the body and had to get into the nitty gritty work, while Brown listened and observed from a distance. Brown could find out who did it and what happened fairly quickly while it took Cadfael much longer to understand what happened and who did it. Cadfael had a rough life in the army and joined ministry because he wanted a quiet life. He did not join in because he wanted to serve the Lord. Brown loves the lord and people and that was a big difference between the two. Brown was very observant and knows different characteristics, such as on page 84 in the story “the salad of Cornel Cray” Brown says “real madmen always encourages their own morbidity. They never strive against it. But you are trying to find traces of...
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