Father as a Role Model

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Father as a Role Model

By | October 2008
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It is really difficult to survive without have a mother or a father. Having both parents in the other hand is a gift that life gives others. Some people might just have a mother or a father. People that have both parents might have a better communication with either one of them. There are times when the mother is the one that takes the initiative about caring about their children; in other cases the father is the one that starts. In my case, my father is the one that starts everything. My father is a father that everyone would like to have because he gets involved in the lives of his children. Throughout the years where I have been growing with my father, I have find out that he is a father that cares about people about having a good, health, and wealthy future where they don’t have to worry about much. Within this people the ones he most cares about is his family his children. He is a father that everyone time he feels that his children need advice about life he doesn’t doubt in giving them advice. For example, at one point when I was a junior in high I had decided that I would not go to college that I would work to help the family out. My father then had a long conversation with about life; he told me that it would be smarter if I went to college because it would be easier for me to get a job and earn more money and that this was the best way I could help the family. He always tells us about what he went through because of not having the chance to attend school at all. By telling us this, he wants us to take advantage of what we have to have a better future. My father doesn’t only give advice about having a good future but also about morals. He always tells us that I order for people to respect us we have to respect them at all times. To him having good morals is really important because not only does it make us do the right thing but also they will help us succeed in life. My father is a father that creates a great atmosphere within the family. He is the one...

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