Father and Son

Topics: Family, Suicide, Thought Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Father and son.

1. Find out as much as possible about the father and the son.

The father:
* He lives in a small house with his son in Toome.
* His main concern must be his son. He is afraid that his son is using drugs, and that he have gotten in trouble with someone. And that he never knows where he is going. Sometimes it goes days before his son comes home. * The fond memories he has is when he thought his son how to tie a blood-knot, how to cast a fly, how to strike so the fish would not escape and how to play a fish. * The text doesn’t really say what happened with his wife, but he wonders if it is his fault that she is gone. But the text says that she is dead. * Because in the morning his hands shakes.

* The father is very scared, nervous and is shaking all the time, so he takes Valium, which is a medication that calms you down. * He fears that he is using drugs, and doing bad stuff with bad people. * He loves his son more than anything, and he is all he has in his life. The son:

* His tired of all the nagging and all the questions.
* I think that he does love him, but that he is too tough to admit it. But I think that it would be easier to do that for the son if the father wasn’t so protective. And that he is doing all the shit with his friends, to show his that that he doesn’t care about what he thinks at all. * When the son is at home, all he does is sleep, it seems. And in the night he goes out and doesn’t come back for many days. * He took an overdose and was admitted to a hospital.

* He hangs out with his “friends”. And his friends seem like a group of gangsters. * He has a gun under his pillow, and I interprets that he is either going to use it for protection, or commit suicide. * He gets shot in the head in his own house, and dies immediately.

2. Discussion.

3. Writing an essay.
In this essay I’m going to talk about a father and his son, their problems, the reason for his...
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