Fated Attraction

Topics: Marriage, Family, Arranged marriage Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Fated attraction

Amarjit is a British born Sikh girl, who probably has an Indian background since the majority of Sikh people are from India. She is in a very tough dilemma she has to take a life changing decision. She has two choices one being the love of her life, the other sustaining her parents name and honour.

In the ending of line 12 to the beginning of line 15 it says: “getting me married off is all that matters to them at the moment and, until that day come, they say they can't face their friends with pride”.

Out of that part of the story, we can see that the parents want her married off fast. And before that, she describes how the parents concentrated on her older sisters, and that it now was her turn to get married off.

I think she is in that age where you are supposed to get married, according to Sikh culture and traditions. Or maybe even a younger age then her is considered normal to get married in, that’s why her parents are hurrying in getting their daughter married off because she might be late.

Arranged marriages can be scary, irritating and most of all they can be awkward for both men and women. You might be marrying a highly educated person who comes from a rich family, but you don’t know his personality at all. You don’t even know how the person will treat you, which is the biggest concern women have over arranged marriages.

I can’t generalize how all women are treated in the Sikh culture just by reading the story. But the way Amarjit is treated by her parents is terrible they put to much pressure on her, they even threaten her, which is bad parenting. I can tell from the story that women play a big role in sustaining the family’s honour according to their culture, they are also treated like maids before they get married and after.

I don’t think Amarjit will runaway with Simon, because she simply feels kind of guilty about even being with Simon. She will just listen to her parents and get married to a man her family...
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