Fate vs. Free Will

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Family Upbringing
In today’s modern world there are many different family arrangements. Many people would consider a normal family a man and a woman married and raising their children together under one roof. The word normal is so cliché. I do not believe in the word normal when it comes to family arrangements. A perfect family for me is a when everybody in that home goes to sleep at night knowing they are loved by the people sharing that same roof over their heads. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion of normalcy and many people fifty years ago would not consider my upbringing normal, but you would have had to gone through it yourself to be able to judge it correctly.

The day I was born my biological mother and father both signed my birth certificate. They were two very young and immature unmarried people. My father was also an alcoholic, and it really didn’t help their chances of having a successful family together. Six months later my mom became a twenty one year old single mother of a baby girl. My father pretty much ditched the scene. So it was just my mom and me against the world. It wasn’t so bad. We moved into my grandma’s house. My aunt was fifteen at the time so it was her, my grandma, my mom, and myself happily living under one roof. My mom was looking at the local grocery store so my aunt would help out a lot with babysitting me while she wasn’t at school. We laugh about this now, but my aunt received plenty of dirty looks because people mistook her for my mother.

By the time I turned two my mother had brought multiple men into my life and actually married one of them. By the time she got married she had me and my brother. My mom fought hard to give me a family. We were all happy. Not long after came my little sister, and a day short from a year after that I got another baby brother. My mom had by that time had four children in the short span of five years. Two boys and two girls, she was then done. She had her tubes tied and that was the...
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