Topics: Israel, Yasser Arafat, Palestine Liberation Organization Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: February 27, 2013
The Rise of Fatah, Palestine Liberation, and Abu Nidal Organizations’ Lisa Carlstrom
CJ430: Terrorism & Homeland Security
Minnesota School of Business

The Rise of Fatah, Palestine Liberation, and Abu Nidal Organizations’ Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) grew to have great power and a reputation in the Arab world. The Palestine Liberation Organization wanted to establish a government for displaced Palestinians. The PLO was made up of people from different areas. Some members lived in Israel, Jordan, or in controlled Palestinian areas that were controlled by Israel. Fatah was created shortly later because of upset Palestinians in Jordan and Arafat wanted to form a multi-national alliance against Israel. Fatah and the PLO made Israeli army’s to back down and retreat. Israel was in great disarray due to Fatah being outnumbered and outgunned. (White, 2012, p.290) Fatah was formed in 1959 by Yasser Arafat. The purpose for creating Fatah was so it would create a guerrilla organization, which would aid in a campaign against the Israelis. For the group, Arafat advocated the use of small-unit tactics and terrorist actions. These were actions patterned and followed after the Irgun Zvai Leumi. The tactics and terrorist acts on Israel were said to be more of an annoyance to them and they didn’t see Fatah as an actual serious threat. It made Arafat confused and very frustrated that Israel wasn’t worried about them and that they were more worried about their Arab neighbors. Out of frustration and wanting a higher power Arafat merged Fatah into the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964. (White, 2012, p.290) In June of 1967 after the Sixth Day War Defeat, Arafat and Kahlil Wazir, leader of the PLO, were even more upset than before and wanted to make a bigger move. He proposed to terrorize unfortified civilian targets in Israel. For the attacks he would create a group of Fatah warriors called fedayeen. Fedayeen warriors would be willing...
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