Fat Tax

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Fat Tax Notes
Important Note
The importance of a balanced diet cannot be overstated. A balanced diet provides natural disease prevention, weight control and proper sleep without the use of sleeping pills. A balanced diet is also important because it enables you to meet your daily nutritional needs and enjoy a higher overall quality of life. Points For

* People may stop buying the food if the tax is very high. Since healthier food is cheaper they will start to buy that instead to save more money and will move on from all the other fatty foods now that they cost a lot of money * The government could use this extra money they get from the tax to help fight these fatty food companies and could have a great influence on other people with the use of advertisements. They could even use the money on education on fat tax and raise it up to be a major part of Science * Normally fatty foods would be a last minute snack or lunch nowadays so if there is a fat tax people wouldn’t even think of going to a store like McDonalds or KFC if there was a fat tax. Although the tax has to be at least 20% or it would not do any critical improvement in the rate of obesity levels dropping. Points Against

* It will not change the behaviour of consumers to fatty foods. If you like something you want it even if it’s expensive. It still may not stop the consumer from buying the product. What is the point in making a hungry customer pay more for something that they really like? * Denmark has already introduced a fat tax and it had failed. People were crossing borders and going into other countries just to eat fatty foods for a cheaper price. All you will accomplish from this is a lower population and less tourists coming for a holiday. * It will not work because the true reason for the fatty foods to obese people is that it will clear their depression and it will make them happy when they eat the food after they have been depressed. They will not care about the price....
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