Fat People Have Fat Kids

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  • Published : November 18, 2011
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Hunter, Aaron
ENGWR 100 1030-1150

“Fat People Have Fat Kids”

If you live in America, chances are either you or one of your parents or one of your siblings is considered obese. If it is one of your parents then you have a 50% chance of being classified as obese. If it is both of your parents that are overweight then your likelihood of being considered obese increases to 80% (www.aacap.org). What makes those numbers so much higher in America compared to the rest of the world? I n Alison Motluk’s essay ”Supersize Me”, she claims that living an unhealthy lifestyle has become the norm due to the prevailing culture in the United States that promotes obesity. She comes to this conclusion through various observations of the changes in American society. She justifies this statement by pointing out that in a ten year period, the number of people considered clinically obese has doubled in some parts of the country. Alison Motluk asserts that one reason for this is the widespread availability of calorie dense foods. She also goes on to say that increased portion sizes affect the American diet negatively by encouraging the person to eat more food even if they do not finish the whole serving. Furthermore she states that the decreased amount of physical activity in schools is a contributing factor to America’s obesity epidemic. Alison Motluk believes that even the way cities and towns are designed and built have added to the weight problem because of the difficulty presented from not driving. She goes on to conclude that the wealth and prosperity of the USA and other “western” countries has become a double edged sword in which we traded hunger and starvation for obesity and the health problems that come along with it. Even though Motluk is mostly correct in her belief that the environment plays a role in America’s obesity battle, I think that there are other factors that are at least equally important in determining whether or not a person is considered...
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