Fat Is a Feminism Issue

Topics: Nutrition, Dieting, Obesity Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Is Fat a Feminist Issue:

Imagine you are walking down the street; you are a ten years old skinny, beautiful girl. You pass some people walking down the street and you vibrantly say “hi!” You are neither scared nor embarrassed; instead you are excited and outgoing. You are not worried about what they are thinking about you, you are just being friendly. Now imagine you are walking down the street. Your ten years old, you are not obese but you are not billboard skinny. You pass some people walking down the street and instead of saying hi you put your head down and walk a little faster hoping to pass them without them saying anything to you like everyone else does. Memories flush to your head “You are a fat lard, elephant, no one likes you.” You are embarrassed, and scared. Today’s society puts so much pressure on girls to be skinny and to look like all these other supermodels that are 100 pounds and unhealthy. Not everyone is built the same way and has the same size bones. But girls are desperate for attention and do whatever they can to get it. From my essay I will talk about how fat is a feminist issue, how I can relate to it, and why it should be stopped. As Gerald Graff said in Fat is a Feminist Issue, “In the United States fifty percent of women are estimated to be overweight.” Fifty percent? There are like roughly 160 billion women in the world-Cut that in half, 80 billion women are overweight? That’s crazy. What is considered overweight and who gets to make the decision whether one is overweight. So many guys and even girls pressure others to lose weight, or to look a certain way. We are considered overweight if we aren’t billboard skinny and you can see our ribs. I, and i’m sure more would blame others for the reason of so many people who are depressed because they are not skinny enough. Instead of looking at how many calories one is eating we should be looking at whether they are smiling while they are eating. Do they truly look happy or do they look...
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