Fat Blasters

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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Stop eating and listen up! If you are overweight then this message is for you. The diet industry has lied. That's right. According to a recent survey, 78% of all Americans have made serious efforts to lose weight without results, 78%. So, if you're thinking about losing weight, get off that truck scale and act now. You don't need a restricting, fad diet or stupid exercise program. You need Fat Blaster. Right now hundreds of thousands of fat, lazy slobs like you, are already losing millions of pounds without dieting or exercising, because they've discovered Fat Blaster, the amazing clinically proven, but not FDA approved, weight loss sensation. Now, you can join them with a free 30 day trial, plus shipping and handling. Call KROX in the next 10 minutes and start seeing results without giving up your favorite foods like fried chicken, pepperoni pizza, ¼ pounder hamburgers or Jack in the box tacos. Call 1-800-FAT-LOSS, that’s 1-800-328-5677. Don't be one of the 78% fat losers who are being let down by diets and gimmicky exercise programs. Join the hundreds of thousands of go-getters who are already losing weight without giving up the food they love. Thanks to clinically proven, but not yet approved by the FDA, Fat Blaster. What are you waiting for? Put down your fork and pick up the phone and call within the next 10 minutes for your free 30 day trial plus shipping and handling and start losing weight now! Call 1-800-FAT-LOSS, that’s 1-800-328-5677. Limit one free trial per household. Fat Blaster may or may not include these side effects, shooting diarrhea, burning flatulence, vomiting, irregular heartbeats, loss of appetite, loss of sex drive, loss of keys, loss of hair, memory loss, ulcers, and other side effects that we don’t know of yet
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