Fasting and Solitude

Topics: Prayer, Spirituality, Spirit Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Fasting and Solitude
Fasting and Solitude are both spiritual disciplines that help us to be more like Christ. Fasting has to deal with one abstaining from nourishment. Next, biblical fasting is associated with solemn periods of prayer. The more solemnly we appeal to prayer in addition to fasting, the profound the consequences we will meet. Fasting in the body makes us proficient to stand against the temptations of the flesh. Solitude is a fundamental discipline of self-denial. In which one avoids interacting with other individuals for a few hours or days in order to be in solitude with God and be discovered by him. For solitude to be efficient, it needs to be totally silent. The following paragraph will go into the purpose of fasting and solitude in one’s life. In addition, as it pertains in my life will examine the experiences of fasting and solitude. I have discovered that numerous individuals in the congregation have at no time been instructed about fasting and solitude. As a consequence, they do not comprehend why fasting, solitude are significant, that which the Bible instructs about fasting, or how to fast. Too many believe, fasting sounds like drudgery or rather a variety of spiritual endeavors. To others, fasting appears very hard. I have found that fasting is one of the predominant directions of getting closer to God (Fasting for the soul, n.d.). Spiritual fasting is an excellent form of cleansing the soul, including drawing closer to God. I have found to get away from the hardships of modern life; I turn towards solitude and fasting in line to construct my life more meaningful. Fasting, combined with solitude with prayer is significant in ones search for God. The central purpose of fasting is to control the enjoyments of the body. Fasting involves weakening the body, in that the spirit can...
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