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Simple Facts About Fast Food Nov 20, 2010 By Suzanne Robin Fast food restaurants, also known as quick service restaurants, sell food that can be quickly cooked, assembled and eaten. Fast food has moved out of restaurants and is also readily available at convenience stores. Even grocery stores often serve their own versions of fast food in prepackaged sandwiches and salads. Fast Food Nation reports that 25 percent of Americans eat at least one meal a day at a fast food restaurant,. What are the Benefits of Fast Food? June 14, 2011 By Karen Frazier

Convenient: According to Bill Myers Online, Americans spend more money on fast food than on new cars, college education and software because fast food is so convenient. Fast food restaurants are easy to find in cities and towns across America. They offer quick meals for busy lifestyles that are so quick and convenient, you don't even have to get out of your car to get them. An article in "USA Today" points out the convenience of drive-through windows, stating that many fast food places aim to have customers wait less than a minute. Since the 1970s, fast food drive-through windows have become ubiquitous, and restaurants continually employ new tactics to shorten wait times for their drive-through customers. Cheap: Another advantage of fast food is that it is very inexpensive, notes MSN Money. It reveals data about how fast food sales stay consistent even in tough economic times in the United States. Brands that are well-known for inexpensive meals like McDonald's and Taco Bell recorded sales growth during the fourth quarter of 2009 as compared to losses at high-end restaurants. MSN Money ranked fast food cost-effectiveness by studying how much certain fast foods cost per calorie. The best bargains were White Castle Cheeseburger Slyders, which cost 41 cents per 100 calories and Taco Bell's Fiesta Taco Salad, which cost 48 cents per 100 calories. Some Healthy Options: According to the American Consumer News...
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