Fastfit Case Study

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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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A General Question

1. Mark the main flows of goods and money in the diagram (above) and employ a key or table of descriptive elements to explain your answer.


|Key Symbol |Explanation | | |Customer pays money in exchange for goods | | |Store submits payments to HQ for scrutiny | | |HQ pays suppliers for the goods received | | |Suppliers send the goods to the warehouse as ordered by HQ | | |Warehouse delivers goods to store to replenish stock | | |Customers receive goods from stores in exchange for money |

Customer Questions (focus on the customer and FastFit process flows, i.e. the front end of the diagram)

2. a) List the specific items of information that are usually gathered at the POS (Point of Sale terminal or cash register) and recorded when a customer checks out (excluding obtaining the identity of the customer which is covered in Q3)? b) What are three important uses of this information at the store by the store manager and by headquarters management – a total of six uses? a. list of items

i. Price of individual item
ii. Quantity
iii. Mode of payment
iv. Store details (Name, Branch, Address)
v. Time
vi. Date
vii. Total amount paid
viii. Special promotion code (if any)
ix. Description of individual goods sold

b. See the table below:

|Role |Important Uses | |Store Manager |By identifying the more popular goods being sold, the Store Manager | | |can place more orders for these goods and at the same time, promote | | |and expose similar goods along with the already popular ones | | |By checking the amount of goods sold, an inventory check can be | | |made, allowing the Store Manager to place more orders for these | | |goods so as to avoid a situation of no/low stock. This will avoid | | |unsatisfied/unhappy customers | | |By analyzing the date and time on the receipt, the store manager | | |will be able to plan his shift to have adequate manpower and thus | | |work efficiently | |HQ |HQ will be able to check if the stores are selling the goods at the | | |correct price and monitor unauthorized discounts | | |By knowing which items are popular HQ can strategize how to promote | |...
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