Faster Ethernet Local Area Network: A Beneficial Business Decision

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  • Published : November 18, 2011
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The challenge for Media Maids, will be to convince Harold Bryce that a Faster Ethernet Local area network will be a beneficial business decision for Feingold Investments. It will be necessary to keep Bob Albert happy while keeping the scope of the project under control and doing what is necessary to satisfy the company's business requirements as opposed to catering to his personal agenda as Manager of Information Systems. Methodology:

The methodology that we will use will be Enterprise Reengineering Process. Feingold is currently outsourcing their information systems to ADR Corproration but already have an outdated network and equipment in place. We will be upgrading the current networking system to speed up production of reports and information vital to the companies growth. We will offer recommendations for further changes that can occur in stages so as not to disrupt the flow of business, in the event they decide to discontinue out-sourcing.

Requirements Gathering:
Create a selection committee
The first step in is to establish a committee to help define the requirements. Members of this committee should be decision makers in the organization representing all relevant departments following these guidelines: < Elect a committee leader. The leader must have a deep knowledge and understanding of the business and industry, and should have the authority to bring about change.

< Members of the committee need to understand and make the time commitment required during the defining and eventually the selection process. If they cannot commit the time, other representatives need to be considered.

< At least one member of the committee must have authority to sign a contract and write a check. If the final decision maker is not a member of the committee, that person will not gain a full understanding of the issues that other committee members will obtain through extensive meeting discussions. Because selecting an ERP is a big...
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