Fast Plants

Topics: Seed, Germination, Plant morphology Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Fast Plants

By: Kinser Haselhuhn

Biology 111
Section Y
Professor Brittingham

Materials and Methods:
To begin the fast plants experiment, each group received the F1 generation seeds for their designated phenotypes. After receiving the seeds, the seeds were then planted into Styrofoam “quads” allowing the seeds to germinate. The seeds were then allowed to grow under a fluorescent light bank for 5 weeks. Throughout the growing of the seeds, each plant was continuously watered and adjusted the light bank to help the plant grow more efficiently. After letting the seeds germinate for approximately 14 days, after two or three flowers had opened, a bee stick was used to transfer pollen from one plant to another. Each group then used the bee stick again 2 and 4 days after the initial pollination. Once all of the transferring was complete, each unopened bud on the plants were pinched off. Approximately 21 days after pollination, the seeds were ready to be harvested. Each quad was removed from the watering tray and allowed to dry for 5 days. After the plants were dry, each group removed the dry seedpods from the plant. We then removed the seeds from the pod. To start the germination process, a moistened piece of filter paper was placed into a petri dish. 40 seeds were neatly placed into each petri dish until there were no seeds remaining. Once all the seeds were placed in the petri dish, the petri dishes were placed in a plastic bag and set to germinate for approximately 48 to 96 hours in the window at room temperatures.


Table 1. F2 Generation Seed Germination
Color of Seedling| Number of Seedlings|
Purple Green| 128|
Green w/o Purple| 26|
Yellow Green| 50|
Yellow Green w/ Purple| 24|
Total Seedlngs | 288|

Table 1.2 Chi-Square Analysis of Fast Plants
Phenotype| O| E| O-E| (O-E)2| (O-E)2/E|
Purple Green| 26| 43| 0| 0| 0|
Green No Purple| 26| 43| -17| 289| 6.7|...
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