Fast Forwarding Blockbuster Case Study

Topics: Management, Blu-ray Disc, Motivation Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: March 31, 2012
POM – Case Application - Fast – Forwarding Blockbuster
Q1. Ans) Principles of scientific management involves the “one best way” of doing a job. The emergence of Netflix had brought down the sales of blockbuster DVD stores. The following scientific management principles could be applied to enhance the popularity and sales of block buster stores: * Arrangement and alignment of DVDs according to the taste and preference of the customers. Those DVDs to be in the front rows and easily accessible to customers. Traditional practice of stocking DVDs alphabetically could be stopped. * The store manager and store keepers are to be well trained. They should have a passion for movies and can help the customer make right movie selections. * Responsibility of store manager and store keepers to be shared and both work together to reach a particular sales target.

Q2. Ans) Recent trends exist in laying greater stress on organizational development and imbibing a favorable organizational culture in each individual. It also involves fostering a team spirit and motivation so that the organizational objectives are achieved. There is a need for commitment on the part of the management that should be continuous and incremental in nature. Yes, Mr. Keyes and other top managers need to understand OB. Following points emphasize the same. * Employee Motivation is a key aspect that can result in success of an organization. Employees need to be motivated so that they give their 100% efforts. Ways of motivating each individual and teams/groups can be learnt from studying organization behavior. Motivated employees will definitely treat the customers well and bring in more business. The customers need to feel a pleasant experience while renting out DVDs and that will make them come back to the stores. This pleasant experience can be provided by keeping motivated and competent work force.

* Efficient Leadership will result in better performance of team members. Leaders...
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