Fast Foods

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Cooking Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Even though doctors all over the world agree fast food is bad for peoples health,more and more people are eating it. Why more people are eating fast food?
What can be done about this problem?
Unfortunately as the world goes on improving more and more people are eager to have fast is now a kind of habit for kids and also adults to spend their money and fre time in fast food restaurants.according to my opinion one of the reasons of eating more fast foods is people have very less time .it should be investigated properly to solve this issue. As a matter of fact nowa days people all over the world have to work out more as in earlir days o ly men use to the living expenses are very high so both the partners have to work more to meet the ends mmet.therefore they have very less time to cook food. Another reason is the great advertisements which bweing done by tv or magazines ,tempting everybody to have fast parents just want to fulfil chids need regardless paying attention if good for them or not.they just le them have what they want and don’t think about thei health. You know,obesity,high cholesterol,diabeties and laziness are some outcomes of fast food,and if tit is neglected may lead to serious problems. I think nutrition exprests are expected to offer more warning programs to people about this matter.government should spend a secila budget on giving people knowledge abiout healthy fod .for example making animation programmes bearing warning messages for children is one way to make them aware or showing cooking programms showing how to cook healthy food in less time is another solution. In conlusion, government should make a plan and spend time and budget to find ways on solving the widespread of this fast food.i hope every person is more careful about their familys health. Both the parts of question are expressed in essay.their are relevant ideas to explain the context bu t there is eeror in word selection ans regards to...
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