Fast Food vs Home Cooked Meal

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Without realizing it, the food culture of our nation has been transformed. During this transformation, many Americans tend to choose a fast, cheap, convenient dinner, that being fast food. Fast food meets your taste requirements at a very low cost rapidly; compared to the expensive, time consuming home made meal. So, why would anyone want to spend his or her own precious time making a home cooked meal when there is a McDonald’s down the street? The main concern is that as Americans find fast food an easier way to satisfy hunger, we become addicted to this highly processed, fatty, over salted and excessively sugared engineered substances.

It’s clear that the general public is ignoring the health risks of eating fast food, because Americans are still relaying on these giant corporations to satisfy their hunger. The health consequences of eating these foods include higher cholesterol, higher blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Additionally, fast food doesn’t provide basic of balanced nutrition. It lacks essential vitamins and mineral, fiber, and antioxidants. Another health factor is that eating fast food in large amounts creates poison in the body because there are so many additive chemicals for the preservation of the “food”. So, in other words we can say that Americans are buying poison in the form of fast food. Further, the fast food dinning experience disconnects the consumer of the food completely from the place the food came from whether it be a farmer, a miller, the butcher or even the cook. The consumer simply interacts with a plastic sign, a cash register, a plastic tray and an unmotivated dude with a headset in a ridiculous uniform.

On the other hand, home cooked meals are typically nutritious, fresh, balanced and prepared with care and consideration. Home cooked meals give you the choice of the ingredients and allow you to adjust the flavors to suit your taste preferences. In addition, you can control the portions of food you...
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