Fast Food vs Home Cooked

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kris debach
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October 2, 2011
Comparison -Contrast
Fast Food or Home Cooked Dining
This generation needs instant gratification in order to function. One of the easiest things a person can get their hands on is food. Commercials, billboards, magazines, and radio shows all advertise quick and inexpensive dining. At the end of each major street there is a fast food stop just waiting for hungry and impatient people to dine. The all-American, greasy, and artery clogging foods are readily available and just a drive-thru away. In contrast, home-cooked-meals are not only better for the body, but for the very foundation that families were made on.

Throughout my life my mother has almost always poured her heart into her meals. She was a stay at home mom and her family was her job. The food she made day in and day out was her way of putting her family first. When my sister and I would come home from school and my father from work; my family would sit at the dinner table and talk about our days. The meals and the quality of them were always comforting and warm. It is for vital for children growing up that they eat with their families. The sound of knives and forks scraping against glass plates is not a sound one would hear at a nearby McDonalds.

The friends I grew up with had parents that worked outside of the home and always arrived home hours after dinner time. Their parents would leave money for fast food and snacks because they were not able to cook. Most of my friends would pick up burgers or chicken nuggets and devour the food before they arrived home. Those friends of mine were deprived of good home-cooked-meals and quality time with their parents. They grew up eating fast food for dinner, occasionally ordering food from cheap restaurants, eating alone, and never really enjoying a meal with their entire family.

In addition to being deprived of delicious meals with the family; those who indulge in fast food regularly are depriving themselves of...
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