Fast Food to Blame on Obesity in America

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  • Published : October 7, 2008
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Fast Food to Blame on Obesity in America

A staggering 66% of people in America are considered obese. Studies suggest that fast-food consumption has increased fivefold among since 1970. The fact of the matter is that obesity is spreading exponentially as well as fast food chains across the nation. Several different components attribute to these high numbers of obesity. When these components are combined, the likelihood of obesity increased as well. The three major components that are the catalyst to obesity in our nation are food choices, society, and lifestyle.

Obesity is an end result of the intricate interactions of behavior, and environment. Recent hypotheses in the scientific community suggest the current obesity epidemic is being driven largely by environmental factors (e.g., high energy/high fat foods, fast food consumption, television watching, "super-sized" portions, etc.) rather than biological ones. Individuals are bombarded with images and offers of high fat, high calorie, highly palatable, convenient, and inexpensive foods. These foods are packaged in portion sizes that far exceed federal recommendations. Furthermore, the physical demands of our society have changed resulting in an imbalance in energy intake and expenditure. Today's stressful lifestyles compound the effects of environmental factors by impairing weight loss efforts and by promoting fat storage. Combating the obesity epidemic demands environmental and social policy changes, particularly in the areas of portion size, availability of healthful foods, and promotion of physical activity. (

Food choices are often made without thinking. The fact of the matter is that many Americans do not have time to sit down and have a home cooked meal. This is unfortunate; because out society is always on the run. Many turn to fast food as a quick and easy option. What they fail to realize is that the choices they make are more harming then effective. Yes, fast...
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