Fast Food Should Not Be Sold in Schools

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Fast food Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: November 12, 2012
ENG 101
11 October 2012
Fast food should not be sold in schools
Fast food is a breakfast, lunch or dinner choice for many people on a daily basis. It is used as an option to save time, or to satisfy taste and portions. But, what about the health consequences? People know that fast food is not synonymous with healthy living, but many forget this thought process when they are at the counter. Unfortunately, eating fast food on a daily basis does have an adverse effect on children’s health, such as obesity and lack of nutrients. Therefore, fast food should not be sold in schools. Obesity surpasses smoking in healthcare costs and impact on chronic illness and is on the rise in every country in the world. It is spurred on by thousands of years of evolution that have crafted humans into beings that seek out sugar, fat and calories and is caused by a toxic food environment that offers up food as never before. The most startling victims are children. The food industry is granted free and free access to children. Every day, one-third of American children and youth eat fast food, and it contributes to close to one-fifth of their entire diets, according to research reported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website. An article in Rolling Stone magazine states that 96 % of U.S. schoolchildren can identify Ronald McDonald; topped only by Santa Claus who is more widely recognized. This familiarity represents just how ingrained fast food is in the U.S. psyche. Early concern about childhood obesity centered on its role in the predicting adult obesity and hence adult diseases. The author of a book “Food fight” said seventy percent of obese children become obese adult; obesity in children is related to risk for disease as much as fifty years later. He also mentions that clustering of risk factors for heart disease known as insulin resistance syndrome, now identified in children as young as five years old. Children may be at risk for high blood...
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