Fast Food Restaurant

Topics: Fast food restaurant, Fast food, KFC Pages: 30 (11234 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Executive Summary
The following is a complete analysis of the Canadian fast food industry. The report consists of the criticisms, ethical dilemmas and economic and social impacts of the fast food industry. There is a focus on the ethics and the environmental analysis of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Fast food restaurants had a lot of power over their employees, as these restaurants are union-free. Recently, due to employees campaigning for better working conditions, higher wage and more respect the conditions in fast food restaurants have become better. Technology plays a huge role in helping scheduling workers shifts, ordering supplies and handling employee’s payrolls. A group or individual who can effect or is affected by the achievement of the organizations objective is known as a stakeholder. Each of these stakeholders has specific interests with the operations of the company. Few of the main stakeholder interests are KFCs commitment to help consumers live a healthier life through exercise programs and improvement on their products. KFCs suppliers are cruel against the birds by stuffing them into factories and drugging them. Even though KFC does not own, raise and transport animals, KFC has taken the responsibility and opportunity to help improve the way these animals are treated. From all four ethical perspectives, we can see from an economic standpoint that whenever the fast food industry has taken a step towards positive ethical behaviour there is an adverse reaction in the short term. From the social standpoints, the ethical perspectives have not been justly represented because in some cases fast food corporations have taken a step towards positive social change but it has only been justified by fear of punishment from the government and protests from PETA. Within the three realms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR1), Corporate Social Responsiveness (CSR2), and Corporate Social Performance, there needs to be extensive improvements made throughout the fast food industry. A key area found within CSR1 is that the corporations in the fast food industry need to create an environment such that responsibility is not just taken purely out of pressure, but out of their personal will to make additions within society. Reasoning with CSR2, it can be explained that the fast food industry really needs to understand that without the public, there is no industry, so creating a strong ethical footprint is an important aspect to the further development of fast food corporations. Finally, from Corporate Social Performance, the place where the ethics demanded importance, which was animal rights and welfare as a growing issue in today’s society.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2-3
Part 16-14
History of the fast food industry6
Development of the fast food industry6
Value Chain of the fast food industry6
The structure of the fast food industry7
A comprehensive analysis of the industry10
Part 215-23
Political, Environmental, Social and Technological Analysis15 Stakeholder Position Analysis16
Ten main stakeholder interest17
Position Analysis for five stakeholders19
Part 323-31
Economic and Social Impacts23
Virtue Ethics30
Part 431-37
Corporate Social Responsibility31
Corporate Social Responsiveness34
Corporate Social Performance36
Appendix A40
Appendix B41
Appendix C44

This report analyses and provides an in-depth explanation of the fast food industry. Fast food was first thought to be food that was not cooked properly and therefore a large number of people were not fond of fast food. Slowly, the reputation of fast food was changed positively and it was thought as a good snack. It was then later found to have detrimental health impacts and therefore a lot of people avoided it. This led to the introduction of healthier food being introduced into the menus of fast food...
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