Fast Food Research

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  • Published : April 30, 2011
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Fast Food
           Across America, people become occupied with their busy lives as shown in the extremely common decision of “since there is no time for dinner, how about fast food?” Thoughts shuffle in the mind, has America become the “queen bee” of fast food? Does society consider nutrition an important factor for everyday health? Does fast food boost calories, fat intake, and present itself as a hazard to the body? How as a culture do Americans continue to forgo the healthy alternative and turn to the dangers of fast food obesity? Elimination of these chains becomes a scarce possibility as they spread throughout the nation while the evidence of fast food poison remains buried due to the negligence of people. Remember, choose wisely while leaning toward fast food as the choice of health versus an early death lies with the consumer.            As a nation, we seem to have an everlasting bond with fast food as the demands outweigh the risks. Eric Schlosser, a man dedicated to revealing the dark side of this trend, puts it, “Hundreds of millions of people buy fast food without giving it much thought, unaware of the subtle ramifications of their purchase” (Schlosser 10). In addition, “This year, Americans will spend more money on fast food than on higher education” (Schlosser 1). The fast food industry has an obvious extreme hold on America. Fast food breaks off from its primary problem and causes many other dilemmas in America as it reveals itself as a source for issues such as laziness as childhood obesity has become so prevalent that it is viewed as the norm.            What is put into our mouths has a direct relationship with how our bodies function; garbage in, garbage out. According to Jeffrey Zurlinden, “Every day, about one-quarter of American adults eat at fast-food restaurants. Cheap, tasty, and convenient, fast food is loaded with saturated fat and calories, and it's low in fiber and nutrients. Thanks in large part to fast food, half of America's...
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