Fast Food Ordering System

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Fast Food Online Ordering System
Table of Contents
 Fast Food Online Ordering System
Online Ordering
Advantages of Online Ordering System
Online Ordering Interface
Database Design
Testing the System
Web Tier
Middle Tier
Data Tier
Recommendation and Conclusion

            Time-saving products are increasing in demand due to the different changes in the environment and social behavior of individuals, particularly the issue of hectic schedule. One of the best examples is the growing demand and consumption of fast food (Jekanowski 1999). The study of Research International (2008) showed that more than 50% of the sample reported that they eat fast food once a week, while 20% eat fast food at least every day. Thus, with the average American spending $500 every year on fast food, the industry is a major industry in the country and acquires a huge percentage in economic revenue and value (QSR Web 2009). Thus, the rate of growth in consumer spending on fast food has led most other segments of food-away-from-home market for much of the last years. Since 1982, the amount that consumer spent at fast food outlets grew at an annual rate of 6.8% in 1997, compare with the 4.7% growth in table service restaurantsexpenditures (Jekanowski 1999).             On the other hand, just like the most of industries in the world, fast food was also affected by the Internet. The study of Nielsen Company in 2008 showed that there are more than 85% of the online populations in the world who are using the Internet in order to make purchase, while 50% of these users are not first time online buyers. The popularity of the Internet has helped to made accessible huge number of consumer information sites. As of now almost all of major fast-food chain in the world has already established its own homepage including McDonald’s ( ), Burger King ( ) and Wendy’s ( ). These websites offer information regarding the menu, promotions, company history as well as nutritional analysis of its food (Christmann, 2006, p. 85). Therefore the Internet had enabled fast food chain to be connected with their customers any time and any where. Internet had become one of the most important marketing medium in the current business environment because it can be accessed by the current and possible customers regardless of their location. On the other hand, the Internet also enables business to have a new channel of exchanging goods or the e-commerce. E-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services over the Internet. In that case, most of fast food chain in the world had been able to improve their customer connection by implementing online ordering system, which enables their customer to use the Internet in order to order from the respective fast food chain. The said event had been able to change the way fast food chain shop and restaurants communicate with their current and possible customers.             This paper will focus on the importance and flaws of online ordering system for fast food chain or restaurants. Along with this, it will also tackle on the different factors that are related in the process of establishing an appropriate online ordering system for fast food chain. Furthermore, it will also offer designs that can be used in establishing a website and will be supported by designated implementation plan by using HTML, PHP and MySQL. Then will end with the process of testing the system. Recommendation and conclusion on how to improve the design will also be tackled in the paper.  

Online Ordering
            There are different factors and approaches which can be done by business by using the Internet. First is that it can help businesses in the process of advertising their goods and services being offered, at the same time, offer their customers another means of buying or availing their products...
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