Fast Food Nation Rhetorical Analysts

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Fast Food Nation Rhetorical Analysis

In the film “Fast Food Nation” there are some obvious goals here. This film gives you an insight of what a fast food corporation is really like, and how they aren’t as great as they seem to be, as well as the problem with illegal immigrants coming over to America, being token advantage of, and mistreated. This film tries to make you more conscientious of what is going on behind the closed doors of America’s fast food industry. Don, who is Mickey's hamburger chain marketing director who helped develop “The Big One”, is sent to Cody, Colorado to inquire about the meat being tainted at the UMP packaging plant. The writer, uses some rhetorical appeals, as well as some common topics in order to make these points.

UMP packaging company gave Don a tour, but he doesn’t feel as he got to the bottom of what’s going on, like they didn’t show him everything. He’s already talked to a mickey’s franchise owner, Tony. It seems like he was holding out on him too. Tony eventually tells Don about his wife’s uncle that used to deal with UMP. His name is Rudy. Rudy is a credible person in this film because he used to sell cattle to UMP, so you could infer the writer is using the common topic testimony and authority. Rudy seems like a guy that won’t conform to the big corporations. He said “ My Grandfather went up against the meet packers in 1919”, he has history with the industry;therefore, he has vast knowledge of the workings in the meat packing industry. The writer is showing the audience how corporations are taking over, and making the audience aware of the problem that big corporations are posing in America.

In this scene, the problem displays with Mickey’s new Hamburger “The Big One” again. Don Anderson goes to his friend/associate Harry to inquire about the problem. The writer uses Cause and Consequence here to get his point across. Harry seems to be a credible guy at the beginning of the scene, but you can see him start...
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