Fast Food Nation Research Paper

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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AP Language and Composition
Mrs. Bellino
Why does the government not regulate the consumption/endorsement of fast food if there is a common misconception that Americans are all overweight and if it is harmful to a citizen’s health in general?

The government’s role in this nation is to protect its people from harm and anything that could potentially be of great risk to them. However, I’ve deduced that the government has failed in one major aspect of American life. Beginning in the early 1960’s, the fast food industry has molded itself so permanently into each crevice of everyday life it has found its way into the definition of this once-great nation. Countries of Europe and Asia view the United States as overweight, incompetent, and lazy, its people unwilling to put down their burgers long enough to find a decent job. So I ask: why did the government let this happen? Why do they continue to let it happen? After careful consideration I have come up with two possible answers. One being the economic benefits of the fast food industry, it is common knowledge that it is a widespread and effective business that has existed in the United States for a long period of time as I mentioned before. Especially now with these crumbling times where the economy is borderline depression, the nation needs the fast food industry to sustain and revive itself. Disruption of this could potentially result in the United States slipping further into debt. My second possible answer is the fast food industry as a social institution. Since it has existed for so long, the government may fear a negative reaction from the general public. This could range from petitions and things of the nature that could pose as an impending challenge to government authority. Arguments to my queries could range from people blaming themselves for this, to laissez-faire economics, to the government trying to keep the people at bay through noninvolvement, after all the two main groups associated with...
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