Fast Food Nation Film Summary

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Fast food nation

This is a fiction movie taken by the omonym best seller of Eric Schlosser. Mainly the story aims to speak out the desease caused by the fast food system and to denounce the businessmen’s behavior of neglecting the events because of the great deal of money earned with this trade. Furthermore there are different secondary topics dealing with the story such as exploitation, illegal work, animal cruelty, poverty, drug addiction and sexual harassment at work.

In order to depict the different roles inside this broken system, there are three main interwoven plot lines. The first one is about a family of young illegal immigrants from Mexico who chose to work for a meat packing plant accepting hard and and dangerous working conditions in order to excape from the poverty of their country. The second plot is about a common American girl, working firstly as a waitress in a fast food restaurant and quits her job once she joins a demonstrating student group and realizes what is really happening. The third one is about a businessman who goes himself to the meatpacking plant to have a check after an academic research found out fecal matters in the hamburgers. Although he discovers what is wrong he decides not to report it.

Finally the story ends with no changes. All main characters realize they can’t do anything against such a big system. Firstly Sylvia, the Mexican girl tries to find another job in a hotel for a cheaper salary, but as soon as her husband gets hurt and fired she’s obliged to work in the plant. Amber, the American girl, realizes that any active protest or attempt is meaningless compared with this big trade. Even Don Anderson, the marketing director of the fast food chain is upset but he understands that’s a well organized trade according to the American society. If he denounced it, all the illegal workers should be fired and wouldn’t take advantages on it and fecal bacters die in the right time the burgers are cooked so that the...
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