Fast Food Nation Essay

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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English 100
Fast Food Nation
Fast Food Nation is a movie that shows the inside story of what goes on behind the scenes of a meatpacking processing plant for a nation-wide food chain. As the story begins, it merely shows that the marketing director sees a surprising difference in the research that was conducted to show the meat being clean & well-processed while an independent research showed otherwise. The story continues, and there’s much more to the uncleanness and undermined work that is going on in these plants that are hired to do the meatpacking, which is not visible to the naked eye. In Fast Food Nation, illegal immigrants who work for plants like meatpacking processing plant, are treated cruelly, are wrongly claimed against for drug abuse, and women are taken advantage of by their superiors.

When the illegal immigrants are brought into US for work, they know very little English and do as they are told. The work given to them is not by choice yet they listen to their superiors and do what they are told, so they can make ends meet and be able to live the so-called “American Dream”. Raul, Sylvia & Coco would be three great examples as to how they are treated in the plant. Raul & Sylvia are married and Coco is Sylvia’s sister. Raul is given the job to clean all the mess that’s made in the plant, while Coco works at the meat processing conveyor belt. Sylvia went through training but couldn’t stand working in the plant so she was able to find a job as a hotel maid. Raul & Coco have to work in inhumane conditions where their surroundings can cause severe even life-threatening injuries but is no concern for their superiors just as long as the job gets done. The people Coco works with, are treated very rudely & cruelly if they make the smallest mistake by their superior Mike. Many workers at the plant get involved with drugs due to the conditions they must work. Some don’t get enough sleep, while others are under pressure to do things...
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