Fast Food Nation

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  • Published : February 14, 2012
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The Big One

Top executives for major fast food industry are some of the highest paid executives in the world today. To most of the public we have no idea as to what goes on behind the doors in the fast food industry, other than what we order at the restaurant. These executives are part of a major problem our society is having with this industry. Are they to blame, maybe, but besides the executives there are many others that play a major role in this industry that is considered to be a giant.

One issue that raises concern is who supplies the meat to the fast food chains. In the film, “Fast Food Nation”, Don Anderson a Mickey’s food restaurant chain’s marketing director and also the inventor of the Big One is sent to Cody, Wyoming to investigate if the meat suppliers are cooperating with federal standards. During his investigations Don speaks with numerous different people that advise him things are not what they seem. He is given a tour of the plant, but merely sees all that goes on behind the doors. Eventually after speaking with one of Mickey’s employees that is in with the meat suppliers Don discovers the truth behind the hamburgers they call the Big Ones.

To some this may or may not be a problem, but the meat plants are hiring illegal immigrants for cheap labor but it is to the illegals expense their safety. It is clear that most of these illegals cannot speak or understand any English throughout this film, but when these illegals are set down by the meat plant supervisors to watch safety films in English it is apparent that there is no concern for their safety. The meat plant accepts the use of drugs, because the work is beyond human capacity and it also protects the meat plant when someone is to get hurt. They cannot be at fault if someone were to hurt themselves if they were to test positive for drugs, the meat plant can simply blame the drugs for the fault, this is displayed in the film when Roberto falls and hurts his back. These...
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