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Writing section: Task 2

Fast food has become a staple diet in many homes. Discuss.

What would you grab to enjoy with while watching your favourite movies? Remind back, what did your ate for your supper last night as you were struggling to complete your tasks? What will you prefer to fill your gut with, as your mother is not at home? Snacks, junk foods, instant noodles and so forth- these are what exactly we always seeking for.

Fast food can be defines as the food that can be prepared and served very quickly that become a staple diet or the main food that a person eats regularly in our community especially the youngsters nowadays. Even most of us are pellucid that fast food may harm our health but the habit of taking that food seems like never abating. The hectic work schedules, family and work-related responsibilities, as well as limited free time have forced many of us to get our nutrition from outside the home. We look for places that prepare and serve food quickly. Here, I strongly agree that many of us have made fast foods as our staple diet in consciously or unconsciously. In this essay, I will discuss three solid reasons of why fast food become a staple diet in many homes which are fast food is even tastier than the healthier foods like vegetables, fast food eateries serve food faster than most other eating places and the fast food restaurants are strategically placed.

Primarily, fast food seems to be tastier than the healthier meals like vegetables and numerous people especially children love it so much. They rather relish some snacks and candies than swallow the tasteless vegetable porridge. In other cases, eating fast food seems to be a convenient choice for some parents who are too busy with work and have no time to prepare healthier home-cooked meals for their children. For example, restless parents after work tend to have a dinner with their kids at the nearest fast food restaurant. This would encourage their children to prefer eating...
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