Fast Food Industry of Pakistan

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1.1 Introduction:

a) Introduction to topic:
Fast food is food, which is prepared and served quickly at outlets called fast-food restaurants. A restaurant is an establishment that serves prepared food and beverages on tables set for individuals, pairs or larger groups, to be consumed primarily on the premises. Restaurants serve a wide variety of food at a specified cost given on its menu card for on or off the premises consumption. These includes eating establishments where customers are served at walkup or drive away ordering counters for either on or off premises consumption. However, most good restaurant serves food at tables to their customers for on-premises consumption. Many of the restaurant chains, have enhanced their annual sales many times over, well beyond the limits of the tablets they can server each day, by offering hot well packed meals through free home delivery service on orders placed through a telephone call. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow rapidly in many countries. A fast-food restaurant is a restaurant characterized both by food which is supplied quickly after ordering, and by minimal service. The food in these restaurants is often cooked in bulk in advance and kept warm, or reheated to order. Many fast-food restaurants are part of restaurant chains or franchise operations, and standardized foodstuffs are shipped to each restaurant from central locations.

In today’s world, going to a restaurant has more to do with socializing then to just having a meal. Only a few decades back restaurants were specifically targeting families, which situation does not hold true today. Nowadays, even children, regularly eat out with their friends, on their own. Therefore, restaurants are not just about food of ambience. On a macro level, they are an important contributor to the economy while on personal levels it provides us with a place to easily connect with others.

b) The Fast Food Industry in Pakistan:
In Pakistan, people are very fond of eating out and it can easily be said that eating out is a major source of entertainment for most of us. All over our country, just about every place that serves food is known as a restaurant. Because the capital requirements to start a fast-food restaurant are relatively small, particularly in areas with non-existent or medium income population, small individually owned fast-food restaurants have become common throughout Pakistan. Among the many kinds of restaurant being run in our country, fast-food restaurants are preferred for their quick serving and great taste. Generally restaurants, where the customers sit down and have their food orders brought to them, are also considered fast food. I plan to open a fast food restaurant at Boat Basin, Karachi. The reason for selecting this business is due to higher spending on food in Pakistan. Since I have chosen the Clifton area, quality and taste requirement should be up to the mark. The main reason for such location is the presence of target market and customer traffic, which are the pre-requisite for a successful restaurant. As going for a fast food, it includes all types of food items, including burger, broast, sandwiches and more. Beside that I have also decided to introduce BBQ items, which have relatively of much more demand as other food items. For this business you require clean and well-mannered waiters dealing with customers. There should be a pleasant environment for Dine-In and play area will definitely make attraction for families. Finally best appealing thing for any customer is pricing. Therefore, tasty food with fast delivery and affordable prices add value to the business.

1.2 Opportunity Rationale:
The Fast Food Restaurant Market is growing in Pakistan, relying heavily on the changing lifestyle patterns, population growth of the target age group and the related increase in employment of women. With today's hectic...
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