Fast Food Industry

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“Fast food ” this term was recognized in dictionary by Merriam-web star in year 1951 mostly we need small capital requirement to start a fast - food restaurant; small individually owned fast - food restaurant have become common throughout the world. Franchises are the part of restaurant chains which operations is to provide standardize food stuffs to the different locations for examples Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald, Dunkin Donets, and many others. For starting any fast food business the capital requirement are relatively low than any other business. That is the reason all over the world individually owned fast food restaurant are increasing. The term fast food is use for which can be prepared and served quickly than other meal, minimum preparation time is considered for fast food, generally this term refers to food sale in restaurants and stores with low time preparation and served to customers in form of packaged for take away / takeout. This research was conduct to find out the factors for customer satisfaction. The feeling of pleasure and disappointment is known as Satisfaction. If the product was not satisfied person feelings then it will be dissatisfied, and if product satisfied person feelings after the use they will be satisfied. Customer is the key role in any business, without any customer it’s difficult to do business, and that the fact it’s the necessary work closely with your customer. Because customer can also create your business. Business runs though customer, without the customer there is no business. Satisfaction is an individual feeling of pleasure or the disappointment, if their expectation level meets, their level of satisfaction also increasing but if not then disappointment comes. Customer satisfaction is very important for every organization; either they are service sector or the private sector. It’s not every time to satisfy your customer. Since there are so many customers using products. And every customers uses it differently, take it differently, and speak it differently. The most dangerous part for any organization is word of mouth. You can’t stop every person’s mouth, even if you give your best of best, they still argue on your products which are not good for some time. Some customers likes your product and after use they speak good words for the product. But some use your product, and speak wrong word of mouth for the product.

There are certain main players of fast food industries. Which are as follows.

1.McDonald corporation
2.Burger king
3.Wendy’s/Arby’s group
4.Starbucks corporation
5.Pizza hut
6.Dominos corporation
7.Yum! Brands, Inc



1.Quick Service: - one of the biggest strengths of fast food is that it provides quick service. The biggest advantage of this is that it saves a lot of time. And in this modern world time is money hence quick service is the biggest strength.

2.Affordable: - Usually fast food is priced at a very affordable rate which starts from rupees 2. Though the prices are low in the fast food industry, the quantity is more and hence value for money.

3.Attraction: - The advertisements of fast food are very flashy and appealing especially to the youth and the younger generation. One of the most important people in the buying decision are the kids who are influenced by ads on TV who in turn influence their parents. Hence it boosts the sales.


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