Fast Food in America

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Fast food Pages: 5 (1676 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Fast Food in America
People today have a need for speed. Everything has to be more convenient, and bigger. Humans are the super-sized rulers of the world, and people need it as fast as possible. This lifestyle has consequences; if one does not start taking charge, and fight these big corporations right now these mistakes will be too far reaching and irreversible. Because fast food is convenient, inexpensive, and is a cultural habit, people must stop eating it since it has increased health problems, has taken away from family values, and destroys the environment. People tend to blame fast food restaurants for being obese, when in fact it is making the poor decision to choose convenience over being healthy which has led to being obese. Also because the decision of the parents to eat fast food the children too, suffer from being obese.

America is one of the richest, most progressive countries in the world. (Fast Food's Hidden Dangers 1) So why is it not one of the healthiest? Maybe it should be, but the sad truth is that Americans are some of the unhealthiest people in the world. (Fast Food's Hidden Dangers 1) Even though Americans live in a country with great economic power, Americans are also living in a country with the smallest fund of practical nutritional knowledge. (Fast Food's Hidden Dangers 1) The people of the U.S. are living in a land plagued with obesity. America is home to the most obese people in the world. (Fast Food's Hidden Dangers 1) According to the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity in adults has increased by sixty percent in the past twenty years. (Fast Food's Hidden Dangers 1) A shocking thirty-three percent of American adults are obese and obese related deaths have reached more than three hundred thousand a year, second to tobacco related deaths. (Fast Food's Hidden Dangers 1) These statistics of deaths and percentage of obese people in he world can only decrease if every individual decides to eat healthy it cannot be controlled by one person.

Native Hawaiians have very high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. In May 2001 the University of Hawaii Kinesiology and Leisure Science Department, along with Bingham Young University Exercise and Sport Science Department conducted a local study and found that more than twenty percent of Hawaiian Children were overweight. Hawaiians are not the only indigenous people in America that have obesity According to Dr. Kelly Brownell, Ph D., and expert on American diet and health, a study was conducted with Pima Indians who live in Arizona have much higher rates of obesity that its counterparts Mexico. This just exemplifies that obesity doesn’t have to be some ones fault because it can also come from ones ethnic background. Therefore people who come from ethnic backgrounds that tend to be obese should not blame themselves. Through technological advancement manufacturers have found ways to produce food in mass quantities, make it last longer and taste better. (Obesity in America 1) Unfortunately, during this processing somewhere along the line, people have lost the concept of food. The highly processed and refined products that pack our supermarket shelves are loaded with sugar, hydrogenated oils, and plenty more ingredients that we can't even pronounce. (Obesity in America 1) Because of all these man made ingredients to make the food taste good is why people are obese from fast food.

Fast-food restaurants have become mainstream in the past thirty years and practically all of America takes advantage of the cheap prices, quick service and tasty meals. (Obesity in America 1) These meals contain no nutrients. They are comprised mostly of saturated fats and highly refined carbohydrates and are loaded with sodium and sugar. (Obesity in America 1) The average adult shouldn't have more than sixty-five grams of fat or two thousand calories a day. (Obesity in America 1) One meal from Burger King, a hamburger and French fries, has fifty...
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