Fast-Food Gone Bad

Topics: Fast food, Nutrition, French fries Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Josh Beckelhimer
Professor Black
English 1020
18 March 2013
Fast-food Gone Bad
An argument is an implicit dialogue that has importance to appeals. This is done by using different elements of an argument, in which the different parts are the claim (or thesis), the support, the evidence, the warrant, the appeals to the audience, and the counter argument that is being used in the scenario. In this essay that Michele Simon has wrote she examines the unhealthy choices of the some restaurants and explains on how they’re misleading the healthy people in the World. In Michele Simon’s “Even the ‘Healthy’ Choices at Fast Food Restaurants Are Unhealthy”, uses all of the parts and the elements of an argument in her essay.

The first statement that Simon makes is “In response to sharpening criticism from nutrition advocates, fast-food franchises have added supposedly ‘healthy’ options to their menus” (Simon 473). This would be Simon’s claim, which would be the thesis statement of her argument. This is what the author or the person who wrote the situation is trying to tell you what they’re trying to answer or trying to prove in their argument. Arguments typically have three types of claims; claim of fact, claim of value, and claim of policy. In Simon’s argument her thesis is a claim of policy because she is trying to make a solution to figure out there problem and make it better so there can be something done about this or try to make better. We know there are many problems with fast food and Simon proves her argument by going on and saying different reasons for why this is true in her essay.

The warrant is a belief or principle that can be assumed based on the argument. The warrant is never stated in great detail, and it must be drawn from statements made by the arguer. While it is not said by Simon her warrant is still clear and well understood. In Simon’s argument as implies that fast-food restaurants are not committed to the well being of their patrons (Simon)....
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