Fast Food Fat Tax-- Letter to the Editor

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  • Published : May 26, 2012
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21 June 2012
The Editor
The Herald Sun
GPO Box 130

Dear Editor

PUSHING fast food franchises out of Darebin is an imprudent method of decreasing obesity rates.

As a single parent, I believe the ‘Fast Food Fat Tax’ (McDonald’s,KFC face supersize rates slug in obesity fight, 15 May) is a pointless waste of money, not only will high- income fast-food addicts continue to buy junk food, this fat tax will only affect us low-income earners.

The whole of the food industry is focused on continuing to give hard-pressed families great tasting food at an affordable price, discussion of adding 400% to food prices is fanciful if not irresponsible.

It will cause my living expenses to increase even further and force me to work even longer hours; long hours will lead me no choice but to continue less, and leave my children starving.

“Councils have the responsibility of looking after the health and wellbeing of their community,” says Darebin councillor Gaetano Greco. Who seems ignorant of the fact that the health and well-being of my children will drop if prices of food rises, leading me no choice but to skip putting a meal to the table.

We hard-pressured families do not have obese children, do you our currently healthy children to become malnourished, is that thin enough?

What is even more stupid is that a lot of fast food companies such as McDonalds sell Heart Foundation tick approved meals, which are healthy, and won’t contribute to obesity, if you do the right exercise, yet those meals will still rise in price because of the fat content inside them.

The fat tax will not put an end to increasing obesity rates, the answer is through pledges in areas such as salt and calorie reduction, educating the community and promoting healthy foods as well as exercises.

Why waste the money of civilians when the government could easily put in a few dollars into promoting healthy and cheap foods, not raising the prices of companies who...
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