Fast Food Essay

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Gustavo Carvalho
Professor Dail
English 1A

Why People Eat Fast Food
Many people in United States eat fast food daily. Is not a mistery that processed food is bad for health, but, if everyone knows that why is fast food so popular? In the textbook "Fast Food Nation" written by Eric Schlosser he shows that franchising is a good kind of business for the companies, they make money only because of their name. The fast food market is growing in United Staes year by year, and people do not realize that they are giving money to lose health. Today, places like Del Taco, Carls Jr. and Jack-In-The-Box are opening franchises every month and, as a matter of fact, they are making tons of money by doing that. Everytime and everywhere there is people hungry who do not care about their health. There are many reasons why people should stop eating junk food, but they keep eating because of avaliability, lack of time, taste and sometimes price. Almost every city in United States has a fast food place opened nowadays. The bad food is always avaliable and it is hard to not eat because those places sell really tasty food. Another fact that makes people eat in fast food places everyday is lack of time. Many people have to work full time, and when they get home they still have to deal with kids, wife or husband, work issues or they just do not have energy to cook and clean the dishes. Fast food turns the best option since they only have to eat.

First of all, United States became a place that has fast food restaurants in every corner. An example of this is our college area. Getting out of RCC, if you turn right in Magnolia Avenue there is a Carls jr. If you decide have to go left, around two miles away there is another Carls Jr. But this time in the company of Little Ceasers and Subway. On 14th street, parallel from RCC, there is a Jack-In-The-Box and Del Taco. So, when people are hungry they will for sure see those restaurants and sometimes it is hard not to eat since...
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