Fast Food Essay

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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In Daniel Weintraub's article “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home” he talks about how the obesity epidemic begins in your very own home. Kids don't eat as healthy as they should. Instead of exercising or staying active they are at home playing video games. If kids are not taught what being healthy is then they are never know how great it feels. Obesity is a nationwide problem and we should all be contributing to change this. I believe that parents should take the responsibility to teach their children healthy habits rather than doing nothing about the obesity epidemic.

In his article, Weintraub explains how parents blame others for their unhealthy children instead of stepping up to the plate and doing something about it. Many parents let their children sit in front of the television for hours instead of encouraging them to go out and play. Weintraub says, “...26 percent of school children are overweight [statewide]” (42). Many of our children are eating really unhealthy and keep gaining weight, but no one does anything about it. They're not practicing enough good exercising habits. Parents should stop taking their kids out to McDonald's or other fast food places, and should start taking them out to the park more often. The Center for Public Health Advocacy made a report and “the center blamed the [obesity] problem on... the availability of junk food on campus...”(42). Schools should have healthy snacks for students rather than junk food like chips or soda. The more students see junk food the more they're going to want it, and this problem will never end. Schools should be banned from having junk food, and instead they should have fruits, vegetables and healthy juices for the kids.

I agree with Weintraub because parents should be their child's role-models and set examples of being healthy. For example, my parents rarely took us out to McDonald's, instead they would take us to Roosevelt Park to play sports. My brother and I would play soccer...
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