Fast Food Chains on Increasing Health Risks Among Consumers

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Fast Food Chains on Increasing Health Risks among Consumers

People nowadays are mostly seen munching there way at fast food restaurants during lunch breaks, snack time or even at dinner. A lot has relied on fast foods because it’s a quick and easy meal to grab on the go. But just how common fast foods are around the globe? Well, a research proves that fast food chains continue its explosive worldwide expansion. According to Addie Patrico, “There are around 3 million fast food chains all over the world and it has become a wide spread phenomenon worldwide. It’s not just some trend of the United States anymore. It has also evolved to Canada, Europe, Asia, and other places around the world”. (2011) This certainly leads us to believe that fast food chains have become the favorite dining spot of most individuals. One cannot also deny that both children and adults indulge in these unhealthy eating places not knowing what these can negatively bring to their lives, and most especially to their health.

Moreover, a lot of factors have been present why people tend to buy and eat food at fast food chains. Well based on everyone’s experience, the people in our society love to eat at these places because of it being efficient, low-priced, time-saving and convenient. When people go in fast foods such as Mcdonald’s, they don’t have to worry of wasting so much time waiting for their food to come as mostly compared to what they do on fancy restaurants. The food is served immediately as they reach out to pay their bills and then they can go take their seats and happily eat their orders. In addition to that, fast food chains offer great deals on their value meals, especially to those who are on a tight budget. (Inong, 2009). As the world is suffering from globally economic crises, people think of ways that would make them be able to save money and one way to do that is to hunt for cheap meals in the market. And another thing is, no matter how far people are from home, they can still access cheap meals wherever they go. Cheap meals that are delicious and are everyone’s favorite, too! Nevertheless, it’s just sad to say that even if some people are aware of the harm these small joys of theirs bring to them, they continuously patronize and buy these kinds of food.

To begin with, one reason that makes fast foods dangerous to one’s health is that it is made up of a lot of preservatives to prolong its shelf life. For example: A preservative that is commonly used among processed foods is HFCS or also known as High Fructose Corn Syrup. A lot of manufacturers use this preservative because it is much cheaper to produce sugar found in corns than in sugar canes. HFCS is specifically used in soft drinks, yoghurts, pasta, and hamburgers which trick us into consuming more. (Mclaughlin, 2011). It is known to cause addiction thus explaining why people are so into these types of food. In addition, processed foods also contain high content in sodium that too much consumption of it can cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular complications. (Dewey, 2011). Along with high blood pressure is the increase in levels of bad cholesterol and reduces an individual’s metabolic rate. This means that a person’s ability to digest, process and eliminate food is very slow.

Artificial flavoring, on the other hand, has also been implicated to cause cancer among individuals. It has been said that it is used because it is only made up of cheap chemical mixtures that mimic original flavorings. But then, despite the fact that manufacturers can lessen their costs from buying ingredients, they put their consumers’ health at risk because artificial flavorings are said to be linked to allergic reactions, dermatitis eczema, hyperactivity and asthma. A study even showed that it also causes headaches, dizziness and hallucinations. (Mercola, 2011) And last but not the least, it doesn’t contain enough...
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